Transformative service

We’re committed to providing the best service of your day, every day. And we empower our employees to deliver the most effective solutions when you need them. By treating all our customers as long-term partners, we can be here for you every step of the way.

Doing the right thing

We at Oxford are always striving to innovate and inspire when it comes to sustainability in the workplace. Over 83% of our properties in North America are LEED® Certified. We know living green goes beyond our buildings. For us it means donating to grassroots charities, investing in health & wellness, and saving energy. The future matters to all of us.

  • We’ve saved over $62 Million in energy costs since 2010
  • Over 83% of our buildings in North America are now LEED® Certified
  • We donate to grassroots charities
  • We have developed employee volunteering programs
  • We have invested in health and wellness

Oxford Properties

We’re dedicated to making the places you work, live, and visit better. This is our promise we make daily, to our customers, ourselves, and the world.